Granting Avenues


Provide young adults methods to discover their passions and provide tools to translate those passions into goals thus creating a roadmap to their own success. 
Granting Avenues recognizes that a dream is just a dream until it is reclassified as a goal. 


  • Demonstrate- the importance of goal setting.
  • Provide Tools- for creating a plan to reach short term/long term goals.
  • Teach Methods- on overcoming obstacles
  • Reinforce the Mentality-of laser focus.
  • Guide- in the process of continuous improvement.


There is a gap between what public schools see as success in making a student into a successful graduate, and what a graduate needs to be successful in life. The difference between those who consider themselves successful and those who do not, is simple. Those who know what they want to accomplish, make plans, put those plans into action and refuse to get deterred from reaching those goal achievements, become successful. Those who do not see themselves as successful, in many cases, do not have the ability to describe what they would consider success.


We are here to provide tools to assist young adults in identifying their passions, defining success, establishing goals and mapping strategies to continuously make their goals into achievements. The tools that GRANTING AVENUES provide are meant to be used as means of constantly evaluating where the student is, what the student believes to be success, assist the student to continuously establish goals and create plans to make those goals accomplishments. GRANTING AVENUES also will build a network of professionals, form a wide range of disciplines, who will volunteer to be mentors to those looking to achieve success in their particular industries.